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Cannabis Regulation

This past election the County had 2 advisory measures on the ballot to find out the public's tolerance to:   

- Allow medical cannabis businesses - it passed 55% for, 45% against;

- Allow recreational cannabis businesses - it passed 54% for, 46% against; and a tax 

   measure that asked:

- Should the County tax potential cannabis businesses - it passed 64% for, 36%  


Also on November’s ballot, and the impetus for the County’s measures was Prop 64 that asked if Californians wanted to Decriminalize recreational cannabis

- It passed 56% for, 44% against.

This shows that a majority of the Inyo County electorate supports some form of commercial cannabis businesses in Inyo County and they think it should be taxed by the County.

The County – with the help of the general public and stakeholder groups is now preparing to develop regulations relating to:

  • The types of cannabis businesses allowed;
  • The locations where those businesses may operate;
  • How and when those businesses will be allowed to operate; and,
  • Possibly, the reasonable regulation of personal cultivation of cannabis.


Neighborhood workshops have been scheduled in each supervisorial District to provide information and gather input from residents and stakeholders regarding the County’s potential regulation of commercial cannabis businesses, as well as, the reasonable regulation of cannabis cultivated for personal use.










Contact Information

For more information on this process, please contact the Inyo County Planning Department at (760) 878-0263

















 Important Dates and Meeting Materials

                             Public Outreach Workshops

All Workshops will be held from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

March 6 - District 4

Big Pine-Big Pine Town Hall, 150 Dewey Street, Big Pine

March 8 - District 5

Cartago, Olancha, Pearsonville-Olancha Fire House, 689 Shop Street, Olancha

March 13 - District 1

Arcularius Ranch, Aspendell, Chipmunk Canyon, Meadow Creek-Dixon, Mountain View, Mustang Mesa, Rocking K, Round Valley, Starlite

Round Valley School, 300 N. Round Valley Rd., Bishop

March 15 - District 4

Independence-Legion Hall Independence, 201 S. Edwards St., Independence

March 16 - District 1

Arcularius Ranch, Aspendell, Chipmunk Canyon, Meadow Creek-Dixon, Mountain View, Mustang Mesa, Rocking K, Round Valley, Starlite

Northern Inyo Hospital District Board Room, 2957 Birch St.

March 20 - District 3

West Bishop: Desiderata, Manor Market, McLaren, Sunrise, Sunset

Jill Kinmont Boothe School, the Great Room, 166 Grandview Dr., Bishop

March 22 - District 5

Alabama Hills, Lone Pine-Statham Hall, 138 Jackson Street, Lone Pine


March 23 - District 2

Laws, Rudolph Ranch-Laws Museum, 395 Silver Canyon Rd., Bishop


March 27District 4

Wilkerson-Bishop Golf Course, 1200 US-395, Bishop


March 30District 5

Homewood, Trona - Trona Golf Course and Country Club, 82700 Trona Rd., Trona

April 3 - District 5

Darwin, Keeler-Keeler Fire Station, 165 Old State Highway, Keeler

April 5 - District 5   

Charleston View, Shoshone, Tecopa-Tecopa Community Center, 405 Tecopa Hot Springs Rd, Tecopa

All meetings will be held from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

- You are welcome at all!

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