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The U.S. Forest Service recently completed an update to its Forest Planning Rule.  The Inyo National Forest has been selected as one of the first national forests to make use of the new Forest Planning Rule, as it begins the process of implementing a new Inyo National Forest Management Plan in 2012.  

Currently, the Inyo National Forest operates under the 1988 Inyo National Forest Management Plan, which is based on the U.S. Forest Service's 1982 Land & Resource Management Plan (LRMP), and which has been amended numerous times over the years.  Forest Service staff report that the upcoming new Inyo National Forest Management Plan will be tailored to comply with both the 1982 LRMP as well as the new 2012 Forest Planning Rule, in order that the new Inyo National Forest Management Plan could be implemented even if - as has been the case in the past - the new 2012 Forest Planning Rule should go into litigation. 


Inyo National Forest Plan Revision Webpage

Inyo County Updated Priorities March 3, 2015

Inyo County Priority Areas Map

Eastern Sierra Recreation Collaborative (ESRC) - The ESRC is made up of Eastern Sierra Recreation Enthusiasts who are focused on economic diversification in the region and supporing policies for sustainable recreation management.

Project Documents (Released by the Forest Service)

Inyo County Focus Paper(s)

Inyo County Public Outreach Plan - Forest Plan Revision

Science Synthesis Report: Science Synthesis to Support Land & Resource Management Plan Revision in the Sierra Nevada & Southern Cascades, Pacific Southwest Research Station, U.S. Forest Service, January 2013

Collaboration and Communications Plan: Inyo National Forest Plan Revision Collaboration & Communication Plan, January 2013


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