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Current Projects - information & materials:

bulletAppeal of Planning Director Decision 2018-01/Schlick

bulletTentative Parcel Map #418, Zoning Reclassification 2018-01/Sierra Highland CSD

bulletZone Text Amendment 2017-03, Adding Chapter 18.67 Entitled Non-Groundwater Neutral Agricultural Use Overlay District to the

        Inyo County Code

bulletTentative Parcel Map #413, General Plan Amendment 2017-01 and Zoning Reclassification 2017-01/Sorrells

bulletGeneral Plan Amendment 2017-02 and Zoning Reclassification 2017-02/Silcott

bulletTentative Parcel Map No.415 and Variance 2017-03/French

bulletConditional Use Permit 2017-02/Lone Pine Communticaitons and Variance 2017-02/Lone Pine Communications

bulletTentative Parcel Map No. 409/Steward & Steward

bulletConditional Use Permit No. 2017-01/Frontier Motel & Variance 2017-01/Frontier Motel

bulletSouth Lake Road Rehibilitation Project

bulletConditional Use Permit No. 2016-02/7-11 Materials

bulletAmend Conditional Use Permit 2014-01/711 Materials

bulletBishop Paiute Hotel and Business Incubator and Bishop Paiute Casino Project

bulletConditional Use Permit No. 2016-03, Variance No. 2016-05, Variance No. 2016-06, Variance No. 2016-07/Sample

bulletVariance No. 2016-04/Rancho Costalotta Properties LLC

bulletVariance No. 2016-03/Ver Hoef

bulletVariance No. 2016-02/Miller

bulletTelecom Plan Update No. 2016-02/Verizon Wireless

bulletTentative Parcel Map No. 386/Pool

bulletConditional Use Permit (CUP) 2015-05/Starlite Community Service District

bulletConditional Use Permit 2016-01/Bishop Plaza LLC; Telecom Plan Update 2015-01/Verizon

bulletIndian Wells Valley

bulletEastern Calif. Museum Expansion Project

bulletTentative Parcel Map #408/Magnificat Ventures

bulletRoad Abandonment 2015-01/Aspendell Mutual Water Company

bulletCUP 2015-01 Aspendell Fire Station

bulletWhitney Portal Road Improvements

bulletDesert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP)

bulletZone Reclassification #2014-02/Castro and General Plan Amendment #2014-01/Castro

bulletRenewable Energy General Plan Amendment (REGPA)

bulletMunro Valley Solar Project

bulletAdventure Trails

bulletCabin Bar - Crystal Geyser Bottling Plant

bulletFort Independence Hotel and Casino Project

bulletUS Fish & Wildlife - Proposal for Critical Habitat Designation for Yellow-Legged Frog

bulletZoning Code & General Plan Updates

bulletState Responsibility Area (SRA) Fire Prevention Benefit Fee

bulletInyo National Forest Plan Update/Revision

bulletDigital 395 Project

bulletU.S. Forest Service Land Exchange:  "Mammoth Base Land Exchange"

bulletBrightSource Energy, LLC Solar Projects:  "Hidden Hills"

bulletBrownfield Grant

bulletLos Angeles Department of Water & Power Southern Owens Valley Solar Ranch

bulletOwens Lake Planning Effort










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